There are many series of Ross/TRW, Gemmer and Saginaw Steering gears that are available in long and short shafts. When ordering a steering gear, please identify which type of shaft is needed. A short shaft is when the steering column detaches from the input shaft of the gear box.
A long shaft steering gear is one piece from the steering wheel through the gear box.
Short Shaft

Long and Short Shaft Steering Gears

Long Shaft
Cast and Stamp Numbers
Cast Numbers: These numbers are made in the housing during the casting process. These numbers can be depression or can be raised.

Casting numbers can ONLY identify the series of gear box. In some cases (Saginaw for example) they are one of the only forms of identification. But in most cases the casting number does not help to identify the gear box.

Stamp Number
Casting Number Raised































Stamp Numbers: When a number or letter stamp and a hammer are used to make an impression in the cast iron or aluminum housing, or on a metal tag pop riveted or bolted to the housing or cover. The stamp number usually starts with the same numbers as the series number.

Example stamp #TAS65027 series #TAS65

On many steering gears the only way to properly identify them is with the stamp number. This number is the part number assigned by the manufacturer.

Casting Number Depression








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